Who We Are?

Company Profile

Steel Trading Company (SKL) was founded in 1987. It is part of the United Integrated Holding Group, which has built a reputation for dedication, integrity, teamwork, and continual improvement and expansion over the past 35 years.SKL – Steel Trading Company takes pleasure in being a distributor and merchant of industrial commodities. We offer a high-quality range of stainless steel, hot-rolled sheets, U channels, Angles, Galvanized sheets, and a variety of other things in this assortment.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality steel products, related services, and solutions to a global client base while utilising innovative technologies in an environment of highly motivated employees who are committed to continuous improvement, the highest business standards, work ethics, and corporate citizenship, resulting in added value for our customers and a sustained return on investment for our shareholders.

OUR Vision

Our mission is to continually extend our product limits and enhance our capacity with the express goal of meeting a large number of units, growing global demand and so maintaining our leadership position in the steel industry.

Our Core Values


We assume personal and team responsibility and follow through on our pledges. In all of our decisions and activities, we accept responsibility for our performance

Co operation

A pleasant working environment in which people feel good about themselves and what they're doing is built on good cooperation across positions and departments. A modern business must be built on the principles of collaboration and mutual trust, as well as a shared commitment to continuous improvement.


To develop and retain a talented workforce, we encourage people to take on leadership roles.


To encourage our talented employees to take the initiative and do the right thing.


Throughout, we try to meet the highest possible standards in fulfilling our responsibilities.

Life, Health, and Environment

We work to improve our well-being, working conditions, and the environment in which we live.

Open communication

All team members are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas openly.


Our team is encouraging of one another’s achievements, devoted to one another, and concerned about one another’s personal and professional well-being.

Positive Change

Recognizing that every person must be empowered to inspire continual development in all elements of our business, we must embrace and capitalize on change.


We think beyond the box when it comes to providing value to our coworkers, customers, shareholders, and the community. We anticipate change and grab the numerous chances that present themselves.